Custom fields

  1. About Custom Fields
  2. Where Custom Fields are Displayed
  3. Adding Custom Fields
  4. Entities with Custom Fields
  5. Custom Field Data Types

About Custom Fields

Custom Fields allow you to associate any number of additional information fields with records in Skills Base. For example, you may choose to add an "Employee ID" field to Person records where you can track people's identification number.

A Custom Field is associated with all records of the given type. For example, if you associate "Employee ID" with the "Person" record type, all people in your system will now have an "Employee ID" field.

Currently Custom fields are available to be associated with Person records and Qualification assignments. Support for other record types may be added in the future.

The Custom Field's "Label" property describes the data that the custom field will hold, and the "Description" property allows an extended description to be added. In the above example "Employee ID" is the label and generally appears to the left wherever the value is displayed.

Where Custom Fields are displayed

Custom Fields are generally displayed wherever a list of attributes for the given record is presented. For example, Custom Fields associated with a Person are displayed in the "About" tab on the Person Summary page. You can also search for values entered into custom fields using the Global Search.

Adding Custom Fields

To add a Custom Field:

  1. Click Admin > Settings on the left hand menu.
  2. Under "Customizations" click "Edit custom fields"
  3. Click "Add a Custom Field"
  4. Select the record type, enter a name, optionally enter a description, and select the data type
  5. Click "Save"

The Custom Field will now be attached to the selected record type and the value can be edited by adding or editing an item of the selected record type (for example, adding or editing a Person record).

Entities with Custom Fields

Custom fields can be added to:

- People

- Qualification Assignment

- Role Assignment

- Skills

Custom Field Data Types

The Custom Field data types that are available:

- Free Text

- Drop Down list

- Hyperlink

- Attachment

  • Image files
  • Microsoft Office files
  • Open Office files
  • PDF
  • Text files
  • Rich text
  • Outlook email messages