Configuring the interest level feature

Interest levels are a measure of how interested a person is in a given skill. You can configure how interest levels are used within the system (via Admin -> Settings).

There are three options:

Option 1: Interest levels assessable in self assessments only (default setting)

This is the default setting. Supervisors will not be able to assess interest levels of other people, and only the people themselves will be able to assess their interest level in skills. This setting is recommended if you would like to rely on people's own opinion of their interest is a given skill.

Option 2: Interest levels assessable by supervisors, as well as self assessments

Use this option if you would like supervisors to be able to rate a person's interest in skills. This setting can be used when you would like to give supervisors input into interest level ratings in the system.

Option 3: No interest levels

This setting will switch off interest ratings and the system will only track skill levels.