People Finder API

The People Finder API allows programmatic access to execute People Finder queries.



Objects used by this API

Criteria object

Criteria objects are provided in requests to this API. Each Criteria object represents a single criteria within a People Finder query. Provide an array of these objects in JSON encoded string format as the value for the "criteria" parameter below.

Name Data type Description
type string One of "skill_level", "interest_level", "location", "role", or "team"
id integer The id of the record specified in the "type" parameter above
rating integer A rating value. Only applies to the "skill_level" and "interest_level" types.

People Finder object

People Finder objects are returned by this API.

Name Data type Read only Description
id integer Yes Person record unique id
first_name string Yes The person's first name
surname string Yes The person's surname
location_id integer Yes The person's Location id (This property is only returned when Location id is provided as criteria)
role_id integer Yes The person's Role id (This property is only returned when Role id is provided as criteria)
team_id integer Yes The person's Team id (This property is only returned when Team id is provided as criteria)
skillratings Array of Skill Rating objects Yes An array of Skill Rating objects (see Skill Ratings API). This is only populated with skills that were provided as criteria.


POST /peoplefinder

Executes a People Finder query,

The available parameters are:

Name Data type Description
criteria string An array of Criteria objects (see above) as a JSON encoded string
match_percentage integer The minimum match percentage expressed as an integer. For example a value of 100 will return only exact matches, and a value of 50 will return people that match at least half of the given criteria.


The following example finds people:

  • Skilled in skill id 1 with a rating of at least 2
  • Interested in skill id 2 with a rating of at least 3
  • In Team id 4
  • Exact matches only

Note: The request body is shown unencoded for readability, however must be properly encoded for the HTTP POST.

POST /1.0/peoplefinder HTTP/1.1 
Connection: close 
Accept: */* 
User-Agent: OAuth gem v0.4.4
Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx