Upgrading a license

You can upgrade your Skills Base license at any time. This could be an upgrade from the free license to a paid license, or an upgrade from one paid license to another. Note that it's currently not possible to downgrade a license via the Skills Base software. If you wish to downgrade a license, please contact our support team.

To upgrade a license

  • Log into Skills Base as an administrator
  • Click Admin -> Licensing
  • Click the "Modify license" button
  • Choose the license you wish to upgrade to
  • Follow the instructions to complete the process

You license will be instantly upgraded after payment is complete.

Upgrading from one paid license to another

If you need to upgrade your paid license to another paid license of higher capacity, we will credit any remaining time that is left on your current license and then charge a pro-rata fee to cover the dfifference.

The time credit will be reduced by a factor that is dependent on the license you are upgrading to. The formula for this calculation is:

( ( 100 / new_license_number_of_people ) x current_license_number_of_people ) / 100 )

For example, when upgrading from the 50 user license to the 100 user license, you will receive a time credit of 50% of the time remaining on your current license:

( ( 100 / 100 ) x 50 ) / 100 ) = .5