Renewing a license

Licenses in Skills Base are not automatically renewed. So, if you wish to continue with a paid license you must renew your license manually by purchasing a new license each year. License expiry notifications are sent to all people assigned the "Administrator" Security Group 30 days prior, 7 days prior, and on the day of expiry (unless an administrator has unsubscribed from these emails).

You can renew your license at any time:

  • If you renew before your expiry date: Any time remaining on your current license will be added to the new license.
  • If you let your license expire: You can still renew your license however your Skills Base instance will go into a lock down mode during the period between when your license expires to the time you purchase the new license. For more information about lock down, see What happens if my license expires?

To renew a license

  • Log into Skills Base as an administrator
  • Click Admin > Licensing
  • Click the "Renew license" button
  • Follow the instructions to complete the process

You license will be instantly activated after payment is complete.