Heat Matrix

The Heat Matrix report is a skills matrix that utilizes colors to depict skill and interest levels for rapid identification of strengths and gaps across an entity. Areas of high skill level are shown towards the red color spectrum, whilst areas of low skill are shown towards green (these can also be reversed). The Heat Matrix report makes it easy for you to quickly identify strength or gap areas for people or skills.

Report Settings
Type Skill Level
Interest Level
Competency Level
Filters: No Filter
(A combination of different Team, Role and Location filters can be added to the report)
Skill Categories All
(If Filters have been added, using the "Selected" option on Skill Categories will automatically select the specific skill categories assigned to the entities in the filters)
View Averaged Ratings
Supervisor Ratings
Self Assessment Ratings
Detail Level Skill
Options Reverse Colors
Zero Suppression

You can run the Heat Matrix report to Screen - by selecting "Run report" or as a CSV export (the CSV export does not export any formatting)

Report screenshot example - Heat Matrix Skill Level

Report screenshot example - Heat Matrix Interest Level

Report screenshot example - Heat Matrix Competency Level