Report Builder

The Report Builder allows you to build your own report for display or export by applying filters and selecting desired fields. The final report can be displayed on the screen for viewing interactively, or can be exported in CSV format.

Report Settings

People - Ratings As Columns
Assessment Data - Ratings as Rows

Report Subject People (ratings as columns)
Assessment data (ratings as rows)
Filters: Keyword search - narrow your search to a specific item by typing "role>", "team>", "location>" or "category>" 

Available fields:
Full name
First name
Parent teams
Team name
Role name
Skill Set
Location name
Security group
Self-assessment status
Self-assessment date
Supervisor assessment status
Supervisor assessment date
Skill level (average)
Skill level (self)
Skill level (supervisor)
Skill level (difference)
Interest level (self)

Report screenshot example