Qualifications - Pre-defined mode

Pre-defined mode allows administrators the ability to enter a pre-defined list of qualifications into the system as they would teams, role, locations and skills.

Adding Qualifications in Pre-defined mode

In Pre-defined mode, Qualifications are first added via the Qualifications Directory and then associated with a Person via their summary page.

To add a qualification:

Step 1: Create the Qualification record

  1. Click Directories > Qualifications
  2. Click "Add a new Qualification".
    • If you don't see that button you may not have permission to add Qualifications.
  3. Enter the name and click "Save"

Step 2: Associate the Qualification with the person

  1. Visit the person's summary page
  2. Click the "Qualifications" tab
  3. Click "Add a qualification"
  4. Select the Qualification from the list
  5. Select a status, and optionally select dates
  6. Click "Save"