Qualifications - Free text mode

Free text mode allows the entry of qualifications via a text field. This includes employees that have permission to update their own qualifications.

Generally, it is a more common use case to allow entry of Qualifications in free text. Qualification titles can be extensive and varied, with those variations continually evolving over time. Free text is a good choice when you want to accurately accommodate and track the wide and varying range of qualification titles that people may hold, whereas pre-defining a list can tend to restrict employees from entering the full and complete accurate information about their qualification title.

Adding Qualifications in Free text mode

In Free text mode, Qualifications are added via a Person's summary page. To add a qualification:

  1. Visit a person's summary page
  2. Click the "Qualifications" tab.
    • If you don't see a Qualifications tab you may not have permission to view or edit that person's qualifications, or the Qualifications module may have been disabled by your Skills Base administrator.
  3. Click the "Add a qualification" button
  4. Enter a name, select a status, and optionally enter dates
  5. Click "Save"

The qualification will now show up on the Person's summary page as well as the Qualifications directory.

Note: To help with consistency and to reduce data duplication, as you type a qualification name a drop down list appears with matches of pre-existing qualifications in the system. This is in place to encourage people to select from the list if the qualification already exists.