Skill Categories

How skill category inheritance works

A team will always inherit skill categories from all of its parent teams. However, please note the following:

  • All inherited skill categories are saved directly against a child team when the child team is saved via the Team Edit/Add page.
  • Therefore, if that child team is later moved to a different parent it will continue to take with it all of the skill categories form all previous parent teams.
  • Inherited skill categories are not saved directly against a child team when the child team is moved via the Team Directory Tree, however the categories will still be inherited. The reason for not saving inherited categories is that it is not obvious to administrators that moving a team in the tree could result in changes to the team's skill categories and so the system will not make the changes unless an administrator explicitly saves the categories via the Team Edit or Add pages.

The decision to save all skill categories against a team was taken so that administrators have full control to define the skill category list for each team in the event a team needs to be moved. Otherwise, administrators would only have the ability to define the differences between a team and it's parents, and those differences become irrelevant when the team is moved to a different parent.