These instructions are accurate as of August 2017. As OneLogin may make changes to their user interface at any time you may find that some aspects of this step by step such as button and screen names may not align completely with the OneLogin app. If you notice any misalignment, please let us know so that we can keep these instructions as up to date and accurate as possible.

Step 1 - Add the Skills Base app in OneLogin

  1. Log in to your OneLogin account
  2. Under the "Apps" menu click "Add apps"
  3. Search for "Skills Base"
  4. Click the Skills Base result
  5. Click "Save"

Step 2 - Configure the Skills Base app in OneLogin

  1. On the "Company apps" page click the Skills Base app
  2. Click the "Configuration" tab
  3. Enter your Skills Base shortcut key in the "Shortcut key" box. Note your shortcut key is the unique key at the end of your SKills Base shortcut link that you selected when you created the instance. For example if your shortcut link is "" your shortcut key is "myinstance"
  4. Click "Save"

Step 3 - Download the OneLogin SAML metadata

  1. On the "Company apps" page click the Skills Base app
  2. Click the "Configuration" tab
  3. Under "More action" click "SAML metadata". Save the file that is downloaded.

Step 4 - Configure Skills Base

  1. Log into Skills Base as an administrator and select [Administration > Authentication] from the left hand menu.
  2. In the Identity Providers section, select the edit button (denoted by a pencil icon) for the Identity Provider record you added.
  3. In the Edit identity provider panel, for SAML IdP Metadata select Upload an XML file
  4. Click Browse to choose a file. Select the Federation Metadata XML file that you downloaded from OneLogin and click Save.
  5. In the Authentication panel, for Single Sign-On select the Identity Provider you added
  6. Make sure the option to bypass the Skills Base login screen is deselcted for now. You can enable this option later, once the integration is proved to be working.
  7. If you would like to enable Just In Time user provisioning, enable the Automatic user account provisioning option.
  8. click Save changes.

The Identity Provider you added in the Identity Providers panel should now have a green Enabled badge in the Status column.

Step 5 - Test

Log out of Skills Base and then use your shortcut link. If you are already logged into OneLogin you should be logged back into Skills Base via Single Sign On.