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Following are the generalized steps for setting up Single Sign On between Skills Base and any SAML2-compatilble Identity Provider.

Configure Skills Base SSO (Part 1)

  1. Log in to Skills Base as an Administrator
  2. From the left side of menu, select [Administration > Authentication]
  3. On the Authentication page in the Identity Providers section, select Add identity provider.
  4. Click Add to use the default settings.
  5. In the Application Details panel, next to SAML SP Metadata, select Download XML File and save the resulting file on your computer.

Configuring your Identity Provider (IdP)

  1. Import the Skills Base metadata into your IdP. How exactly to achieve this will depend on your IdP. Consult your IdP's support documentation for more information.
  2. Configure the attribute filters. Skills Base requires the following attributes:
    • Email address
    • Given name
    • Surname
  3. Download your Identity Provider's SAML metadata file and save it on your computer.

Configure Skills Base SSO (Part 2)

  1. Return to Skills Base and select [Administration > Authentication] from the left hand menu.
  2. In the Identity Providers section, select the edit button (denoted by a pencil icon) for the Identity Provider record you added.
  3. In the Edit identity provider panel, for SAML IdP Metadata select Upload an XML file
  4. Click Browse to choose a file. Select the Federation Metadata XML file that you downloaded from your Identity Provider and click Save.
  5. In the Authentication panel, for Single Sign-On select the Identity Provider you added
  6. Make sure the option to bypass the Skills Base login screen is deselcted for now. You can enable this option later, once the integration is proved to be working.
  7. If you would like to enable Just In Time user provisioning, enable the Automatic user account provisioning option.
  8. click Save changes.

The Identity Provider you added in the Identity Providers panel should now have a green Enabled badge in the Status column.