Qualifications API 2.0

The Qualifications API is for administering Qualification records in Skills Base which includes adding, and retrieving records.



Entity Relationship Diagram

Objects used by this API

Qualification object

Name Data type Read only Description
id integer Yes The unique identifier for the record, used to reference the record in other API interactions.
name string No The Qualification name


GET /qualifications

Returns all Qualifications in the instance.

GET /qualifications/:id

Returns a Qualification matching the given id

POST /qualifications/search

Searches Qualification records. See Search APIs for a description of search functionality.

The available search parameters are:

Name Arrays Wildcards
id Yes No
name No Yes

POST /qualifications

Creates a new Qualification record.

The following parameters are accepted:

Name Required
name Yes

PUT /qualifications/:id

Updates an existing Qualification record.

The following fields can be updated:


DELETE /qualifications/:id

Deletes a Qualification