Subscribing to qualification expiry notifications

Skills Base allows users to subscribe to notifications about qualifications assigned to people that are close to their "End date". Note that this feature is only available under the Enterprise license.

The "End date" field is an optional field that can be specified when assigning a qualification to a person.  If a date is provided, and it is a date in the future, a notification will be sent to subscribers approximately 1 week prior to reaching that date.

People can subscribe to qualification expiry notifications via their "Preferences" menu. Simply check the "Qualification expiry" item and click "Save email preferences":

This item subscribes or unsubscribes from both email and in-app notifications.  Therefore, if unchecked neither email nor in-app notifications will be generated for impending qualification expiries.

A subscription is for a person's own qualifications, as well as all people they supervise (if any).  Supervisior are defined via the [People>Assess] Seucrity Group privilege.  Administrators who subscribe will receive notifications for every person in the system.

Notifications are sent once a day, and include all qualifications expiring one week from that day.  As such, subscribers should expect to receive a maximum of one email per day when subscribed.