The Trends tab on a person's dashboard displays a history of changes to skill levels over time for a person.

The Trend tab will only be visible once a person or supervisor has completed multiple assessments on different days.

The trend graphs will show the assessed skill value for each skill within the selected skill category.

The trends information can also be exported to CSV by selecting the "Export" button, then selecting:

These Skills This will export only the skills within the current Skill Category
All Skills This will export all the skills that have been assessed by the individual.

How it works

A point is plotted on the Trends chart:

  • Every time an assessment that is completed, even if the skill level does not change between those assessments.
  • Anytime a skill level is changed via any other means. ¬†Examples of other means include editing a skill level on the "Skills" tab.

A point is not plotted on the chart when skills are reviewed (outside of an assessment) and there is no change to skill level.