Modules and Features

Feature availability: All licenses

Article applies to: Administrators only

Skills Base offers four license teirs, each including different modules and features.  To see a full list of the modules and features available and whether you have access to each, click or tap [Administration > Modules] in the main menu.

Where a module appears in green and is marked as "Available" it and all of the features within it are included in your curent license.  Where a module appears in gray and is not marked as "Available" it is not included in your current license. If you want to gain access to modules and features that are not included in your current license, upgrading your Skills Base license is easy.  First check if you can upgrade your license yourself by clicking or tapping [Administration > Licensing] from the main menu.  If you do not see the option to upgrade your license, please reach our to our friendly sales team who will be glad to help.