Roles represent position titles within your organization. Examples of roles could be "Project Manager" or "Accountant". You can use roles to simply track position titles, or you can use them to specify particular skill sets for all people within a role.

Adding Roles

Roles can be added in two ways:

  1. By manually entering them one by one by clicking Directories > Roles > Add new role, or
  2. By using the Data Importer tool if you have the appropriate license level (Importing Data into Skills Base)

Using Roles to specify particular skill sets for people

If you would like people with a role to be assessed on skills assigned to that role:

Step 1: Configure the Role:

  1. Create the role per the steps above
  2. For "Define skill categories?" select "Yes"
  3. Select the categories that you wish to assign to the role.

Step 2: Configure people:

In the "Add/Invite person" or "Edit person" page:

  1. For the "Role" Field, select the role you created.
  2. For the "Skill set" field select "Use role skills".

The person will now be assessed on the Role's skills. You can confirm this by going to the person's summary page and checking that "Role" is displayed next to "Skill set" in the "Information" section.

Multiple Roles

The Multiple Roles feature is available to Enterprise license holders (upon request) and allows organizations to assign more than one Skills Base role to an individual person.  See Multiple Roles for more information.

Disabling the Roles module

If you don't wish to use Roles in your Skills Base instance, the Roles module can be disabled by an administrator via the Admin > Settings menu.