Multiple Roles

The Multiple Roles feature is available to Enterprise license holders (upon request) and allows organizations to assign more than one Skills Base role to an individual person.

If a person has their Skill Set assigned as "Role" then the combination of skills assigned to the different roles will make up the skills that are assigned to the person.

Please note:

  • The same role cannot be applied to a person more than once
  • If the same skill is assigned to multiple roles, a person (and their supervisor) will only assess against the skill once – the assessment value will be applied to both Roles when calculating the Skill Rating values for the role
  • If targets are assigned by role – the higher target from any of the roles will be used when calculating competency


Setup roles as normal, assign skill categories to the role as required.  See Roles for more information


Multi Role 1 – Accountability


Multi Role 2 - Innovation



Assigning multiple roles to a person can be done by either:

Edit Person:

Bulk Edit


Or through the Roles tab on a person dashboard

From this dashboard you can also assign the Role Assignment Custom Field attributes (if setup)

Custom Fields:

Create Custom Fields that can be used to associate additional information with the role assignment to a person.

The Role assignments custom field will be linked to the person and the role not the individual role itself.  See Custom Fields for more information.


People Directory:

You will be able to see the number of roles assigned to a person in the People Directory

Click on the “2 roles” hyperlink will take you to the role assignment screen of the individual person



The roles assigned to a person will be visible in reports - these cannot be split.  If filtering a report by Role, all roles associated to a person will still be shown.


When viewing a Role dashboard, all skills that are assigned to people with that role will be displayed.
Example: A person has "Multi Role 1" and "Multi Role 2" assigned to them.

When viewing the Role dashboard for "Multi Role 1" skills assigned to "Multi Role 2" will also be displayed.