Skills are the core of Skills Base.

Skills are generally specific and are grouped within broader Skill Categories . Some examples of skills are:

  • Hi-Fi sales
  • Java programming
  • Tax accounting

Skills are assigned to people via Skill sets which are used to determine which skills people will be assessed on in assessments.

Skill Names

Skill names within Skills Base can be up to 80 characters long.  These can be entered manually, one at a time, or the Skills Base support team can facilitate importing of larger numbers of skills if required.

Skill Description

Skill descriptions provide a valuable way to expand on the skill information for users.  This will help them to understand the requirements of a skill which will in turn help them to evaluate their skill level and provide accurate information when assessing themselves.

With the Skill description, you are able to create "hyperlinks" to more information.  To do this, simply wrap the hyperlink that you wish to use in anchor tags.  For example:

<a href="">Link to Skills Base</a>

Simply swap "" with the link and "Link to Skills Base" with the text that you would like the user to see