What happens if my license expires?

If your license expires your instance will revert back to the free license. If the number of people exceeds the number allowed under the free license, your instance will enter a "lock down" mode. In lock down mode people attempting to log in will receive a "license exceeded" message and will not be able to access the instance.

Administrators are still able to log into the instance however the functionality is limited to:

  • Managing/upgrading your license
  • People directory (to allow you to delete people)
  • Invitations (to allow you to delete outstanding invitations that are consuming licenses)
  • Data export (CSV) (to allow you to export your data)
  • Delete instance (to allow you to delete your instance and data)

There are three ways to disable lock down mode:

  1. By upgrading your license (See: Upgrading a license)
  2. By deleting people or invitations above the free license allowance (using the People directory or Invitations menu items)
  3. By deleting the instance (using the Delete instance menu item)