The List and View options define what (List) and the detail (View) of what a Security Group can see.

For example - this Security Group can List Roles, but cannot View them

When looking at Roles from the Roles directory, the user can see the List of Roles, but cannot click on them (denoted by black text) to View the Role details or statistics.  

Now if we change the privilege's to have List and View (note some View privilege's have child privilege's that can be enabled/disabled depending on the level of detail you wish the security group to View)

Now the Security Group can List and View (denoted by blue text) the Roles.  Clicking on the Role will allow the user to see the Dashboard for the role.  Note we have allowed the Security Group to View the "Competency" tab but not the "Analysis" tab 


*With People - the Delegation Scope option also controls who the security group can see.

Delegated = People in the same team or sub-teams & any teams the individual person has been allocated as a delegate for

All = All people in your Skills Base instance

This may create a scenario where a Security Group is allowed to "List->All" and "View->Delegated" - so there will be a combination of People that the Security Group can only List and also some that they can View

*Please note - to have View access to an entity, the Security Group must have the List privilege's.