Can Skills Base be hosted on-premises?

The short answer to this question is that you can host authentication and account credentials on-premises, but the Skills Base product itself is purely a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering and can't be hosted in-house.

The Skills Base SaaS delivery model

A single (SaaS) delivery model allows our company to focus all of its time, energy and money exclusively into the security, performance, and user experience of that platform. SaaS offers several advantages from the customer perspective as well such as the ability to get up and running at very low cost, and the alleviation of all system administration-related maintenance such as installation, configuration, upgrades, patching, backups, hardware maintenance, etc. All of these items are transparently handled by Skills Base, giving your organization the freedom to focus on delivering its core business.

Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy of data is our highest priority. All data is handled and managed strictly in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We don't share your data with anyone, and we don't use your data for any other purpose than to manage and administer the Skills Base service for you. This is the case both for our paying customers, and for our customers that use the service for free.

Our Security Statement summarizes measures that we take to safeguard your data. Our single delivery model allows us to focus all of our resources into constantly evolving and enhancing the security of our platform in response to continuing changes in the security landscape.

"Our legal team doesn't like us using Cloud-based software"

It's true that if legal teams were responsible for making all business decisions that there likely wouldn't be many businesses left to speak of.

As the quantity and quality of Cloud-based offerings increase dramatically, businesses are increasingly using this to their advantage, specifically to shift the focus of resources (time, money) to core business activities, and away from activities that may not align with organizational objectives (eg: maintaining business application software and hardware systems). Ultimately these businesses leverage the Cloud to gain an edge over their competition, and in some industries, this edge can be enough to wipe that competition out.

You should factor relevant advice and make an informed business decision based on an assessment of the risks versus anticipated benefits. Skills Base can assist by providing any required information to input into this process. Please feel free to contact us with any questions; we're always glad to assist.