Heat Matrix

The Heat Matrix report is a skills matrix that utilizes colors to depict skill, interest and competency % levels for rapid identification of strengths and gaps across an entity. Areas of high skill level are shown towards the red color spectrum, whilst areas of low skill are shown towards green (these can also be reversed). The Heat Matrix report makes it easy for you to quickly identify strength or gap areas for people or skills.

Capability Matrix

The Capability Matrix report provides a view of capability across an entity by showing the number of people skilled at each skill level. A tally of people is provided for each skill so you can see the number of people skilled at each skill level.

Report Builder

The Report Builder allows you to build your own report for display or export by applying filters and selecting desired fields. The final report can be displayed on the screen for viewing interactively, or can be exported in CSV format.

Data Exports

A number of data exports are provided which export records from the system in CSV format. Some exports are available only to paid license holders.